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  • Tm Sudharshan
    IPCC-All India 38th Rank
  • Preethi Kandaswami
    All India 41st Rank
  • Achuthan V
    IPCC-All India 20th Rank
  • Nallathambi.s
    FR-87, AMA-67,IDT-60
  • Varun.R
  • Anukrati Agarwal
    IPCC-All India 14th Rank
  • Mridula.N
    IPCC-All India 22nd Rank
  • Kirthika.N
    IPCC-All India 29th Rank
    520(Adv.Acc-87, Acc-86,Tax-80,Law-75,Aud-74)
  • Vandana.S
    IPCC-All India 45th Rank
  • Varsha R Bhandari
    All India 46th Rank
    502(Acc-89, Adv.Ac-89,Aud-77,Tax-72,Law-66)
  • Srivinutha.v
    IPCC-All India 48th Rank
  • Raghuram
    All India 33rd Rank-Final
    518 (SFM-69,AUD-66,,ISCA-74,IDT-65)
  • Vardhaman Sakhlecha S
    All India 42nd Rank-Final
    509 (FR-67,DT,IDT-73,AMA-65)
  • Achuthan V
    (All India 9th Rank)-Fina
  • Gnanasampath M
    All India 3rd Rank
    593 (AMA-67)
  • Ramya S
    FINAL - AIR 45th
    FR-78, Aud-65, Law-68, AMA-68, IDT-72
  • Durga Lakshmi R
    IPCC - AIR 22nd
    Tot-527 (Acc(G-I)-91, Law-73, Costing-94, Tax-69, Adv Acc-79, Aud-69)
  • Balaji
    IPCC - AIR 39th
    Total - 511 (Acc-87,Costing-84,Tax-84,Adv Acc-86,Audit-61)
  • Karthik Ganesh
    IPCC - AIR 43rd
    Total - 482
  • Sruthi Ashwathapur
    Final - All India 46th Rank
    Both Group
  • Gayathri Murali
    FINAL - AIR 32nd
    Total - 532
  • Sanjay
    FINAL - AIR 44th
    Total - 519
  • John Britto
    FINAL - AIR 1st
    Total - 595
  • Avinash Sancheti
    FINAL - AIR 3rd (User Padhuka Books)
    Total - 566
  • Shreya Girish
    FINAL - AIR 39th
  • Arihant Kothari R
    FINAL - AIR 9th
  • Krishna J
    FINAL - AIR 11th
  • Gayathri Shankar
    FINAL - AIR 42nd
  • Viswanathan Yabakka
    FINAL - AIR 34th
  • Shilpa K.murthy
    FINAL - AIR 4th (Padhuka Book User)
    597(FR- 80 SFM-83 AUD-61 LAW-72 AMA-85 ISCA-69 DT-69 IDT-78)
  • Durga Lakshmi R
    FINAL - AIR 24th Rank
  • Anirudh Swaminathan
    AIR - 5th
    559 ( AMA - 83)
2013-May/June    IPCC-May 2013
S.No Name Mark Rank
1 Durga Lakshmi R Tot-527 (Acc(G-I)-91, Law-73, Costing-94, Tax-69, Adv Acc-79, Aud-69) IPCC - AIR 22nd
2 Saranya M Tot-350 (Acc-75)
3 Raguram G Tot-392 (Acc-73, Costing-76)
4 Lohith Rishi R S Tot-488 (Acc-77, Law-61, Cost-71, Tax-65, Adv Acc-69, Aud-74, ITSM-71)
5 Soundarya Tot-428 (Acc-74, Cost-62, Tax-60, Adv Acc-71)
6 Anugraha G Tot-411 (Acc-68, Tax-60, Adv Acc-70)
7 Priyanka Group-I Cleared
8 Chandrasekar S Tot-473 (Acc-74, Cost-68, Tax-72, Adv Acc-79, Aud-62, IT-74)
9 Ajay Sriram V Tot-390 (Acc-71, Cost-66, Tax-60, IT-60 )
10 Saravana Kumar T Tot-404 (Acc-77)
11 Rocha Jose Maliampurackal Group-II Cleared
12 Radha S Group-I Cleared (Acc-70, Cost-66)
13 Addepalli Venkata Kousik Tot-407 (Acc- 68, Law-65, Cost-62)
14 Aishwariya K Rajagopal Tot-385 (Acc-64, Tax-62)
15 Venin Raj Tot-405 (Acc-77, Adv Acc-63, IT-63)
16 Varsha Sridhar Tot-372 (Law-64, Tax-61)
17 Kethan Kumar C Tot-414,(Acc-64, Adv Acc-62, Aud-70, IT-64)
18 Srikrishnan D Group I Cleared (Tax-60)
19 Vivek Bharadwaj S Tot-440 (Acc-79, Tax-60, Adv Acc-64, Aud-71, IT-62)
20 Neha Jain Cleared Group-I
21 Arvind V Tot- 433, (Acc-68, Adv Acc-69, IT-66)
22 Hemanth A Tot-419 (Acc-70, Tax-64, Aud-70)
23 Shreya Goel Tot-486 (Acc-71, Law-72, Cost-71, Tax-74, Adv Acc-71, Aud-66, IT-61)
24 Karthik Raghavan S Tot-484 (Acc-67, Law-79, Cost-66, Tax-77, Adv Acc-73, Aud-69)
25 Karri Prudhvi Raj Cleared Group-I
26 Dhanasekaran D Tot-413 (Acc-69,Cost-73, Tax-69, Aud-64)
27 Madhana Mohan Reddy A Cleared Group II
28 Nishita A Tot-373 (Adv Acc-69, Aud 60)
29 Jayadev D Tot-365 (Cleared both Groups)
30 Aditi R Tot-387 (Cost-66, Adv Acc-71)
31 Ashok Kumar A Tot-432 (Acc-82, Cost-69)
32 Deepa R Tot-447 (Acc-67, Law-61, Cost-77, Tax-66, Adv Acc-60, IT-61)
33 Sheetal K Tot-488 (Acc-85, Law-62, Cost-63, Tax-75, Adv Acc-69, Aud-66, IT-68)
34 Vidya B Tot-474 (Acc-71, Cost-60, Tax-84, Adv Acc-74, Aud-66, IT-60)
35 Karthik M Tot-461 (Acc-68, Law-69, Cost-61, Tax-65, Adv Acc-67)
36 Suganda Sharma Group - I Cleared
37 Raghavendhar S Tot-452 (Acc-74, Law-63, Cost-71, Tax-64, Aud-64)
38 Vinitha A Group - I Cleared
39 Amal Tharakan Tot-379 (Acc-65, Cost-66)
40 Anand P Tot-366 (Cost-64)
41 Anjana T S Group-I Cleared (Acc-60, Law-64)
42 Akshaya B G Tot-387 (Acc-64, Adv Acc-64, IT-66)
43 Ramasubramanian B Tot-388 (Acc-73, Adv Acc-64)
44 Bhageshree Sharma Group-I Cleared (Acc-72)
45 Bhargavy Ramachandiran Tot-441 (Acc-74, Cost-73, Tax-69, Adv Acc-62)
46 Bhuvanalakshmi K S Tot-371 (Acc-79)
47 Gajeswari M Group-I Cleared (Tax-67)
48 Gonda Dinesh Group-I Cleared (Tax-68)
49 Janani Ganapathy Tot-453 (Acc-72, Cost-62, Tax-73, Adv Acc-65, Aud-69)
50 Janani S Tot-411 (Acc-68, Tax-67)
51 Jyothis K Syriac Group-I Cleared
52 Swernalatha K V R Group-I Cleared (Acc-62)
53 Lathika G R Tot-414 (Acc-74, Law-66, Adv Acc-60)
54 Aishwarya M Group-I Cleared
55 Deepak Jain M Tot-388 (Acc-73)
56 Harrish M Group-I Cleared (Tax-64)
57 Nachammai L Group-I Cleared (Acc-61)
58 Naveenchandra T Group-I Cleared (Acc-65)
59 Nekkadapu Chiru Divya Group-II Cleared (Adv Acc-62)
60 Nikitha Sridhar Group-II Cleared
61 Noone Sushmitha Tot-372
62 Nidhi Kothari P Tot-431 (Acc-81, Cost-88, Tax-66, Aud-70)
63 Revathy M Tot-481 (Acc-76, Cost-80, Tax-76, Adv Acc-62, Aud-70, IT-61)
64 Roshan Jacob Oommen Group-I Cleared
65 Gautam S Group-I Cleared (Acc-61)
66 Hanjana Lakshmi S Tot-356 (Cost-60)
67 Shreyance Chhajer S Tot-428 (Acc-70, IT-63)
68 Sameena M Group-II Cleared (Aud-62)
69 Shruthi P Tot-492 (Acc-78, Cost-72, Tax-85, Adv Acc-68, Aud-67, IT-64)
70 Sridatta Sriprada Group-I Cleared (Acc-69)
71 Srilakshmi Nair Group-II Cleared (Adv Acc-63)
72 Subhassre S Tot-419 (Acc-79, Cost-70, IT-67)
73 Twej S P Group-I Cleared
74 Uma R Tot-374 (Acc-73, Tax-60)
75 Aadithya V Group-I Cleared (Acc-61)
76 Gayathri V V Group-II Cleared (Aud-61)
77 Shreya P Tot-441 (Acc-62, Law-60, Cost-69, Tax-62, Adv Acc-67, Aud-73)
78 Samantha P V R Group-I Cleared (Acc-66, Law-60, Cost-61)
79 Mudita Mehta Tot-383 (Acc-72, Tax-60, Adv Acc-69)
80 Sudarsanan V Group-II Cleared (Adv Acc-69)
81 Venkata Avinash Kumar Group-I Cleared (Acc-80)
82 Dhanalakshmi M B Tot-384 (Acc-79, Adv Acc-60)
83 Aparna A Tot-382 (Acc-77, Tax-65)
84 Harshita Agarwal Tot-438 (Acc-71, Tax-72, Adv Acc-68, Aud-68)
85 Jayasree A B Tot-350 (Acc-60, Aud-65)
86 Aishwarya Nagasubramaniyam Tot-386 (Acc-62)
87 Abdullah M F Group-I Cleared
88 Sriram J Tot-351 (Acc-72)
89 Gitanjali P Tot - 407 (Acc-64, Cost-69, Tax-60)
90 Avantika Sarda Tot-426 (Acc-74, Law-63, Tax-62, Aud-65, IT-70)
91 Konala Sushmitha Group-I Cleared
92 Nikhila R Tot-495 (Acc-83, Law-72, Cost-73, Tax-73, Adv Acc-64, Aud-71)
93 Naveen B Group II Cleared
94 Purimetla Kishore Tot-391 (Tax-64, Adv Acc-68)
95 Pachipulusu Akhilesh Tot-389 (Tax-71)
96 Shrinidhi S Tot-359 (Tax-61, Adv Acc-60)
97 Shrinidhi S Tot-359 (Tax-61, Adv Acc-60)
98 Madala Shivakeerthi Group-I Cleared (Acc-69)
99 Periyanayagi AL Tot-393 (Acc-69, Cost-61, Tax-70)
100 Vimal Raj M Tot-369 (Acc-68, Aud-63)
101 Nandini S Group-I Cleared (Acc-63)
102 Surabhi Chhajer S Tot-440 (Acc-67, Law-68, Cost-62, Tax-60, Adv Acc-71, ITSM-63)
103 Prathipa R Cleared Group-I
104 Arun Kumar M Tot-376 (Acc-68)