Shree Guru Kripa’s Institute of Management


To be a Pioneer in imparting Quality Education and Knowledge in the field of Finance, Taxation, Management, Accounting, Business Law, Assurance, and Systems. To offer an effective and convenient platform through Classes, Books and Research Assistance, for students pursuing professional courses in the above subject fields.


Our values include Integrity, Honesty, Transparency, Excellence, Continuous Self–Improvement and Mutual Self–Respect. Our focus is on dedication and commitment to work, dissemination of relevant academic information, and showing the success path to students who come to us with faith.

Gyaan Smrithi

Gyaan Smrithi is the e-business blog of Shree Guru Kripa’s Institute of Management, launched with an aim of equipping the professional fraternity and the student community, with the recent updates concerning their respective areas of interest.

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