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Statutory Compliance Chart – August 2013

(Dates circled are Due Dates)
5 EXCISE:Payment of Excise Duty for July 2013 GAR 7
SERVICE TAX: Payment of Service Tax for July 2013 by Corporates
6 EXCISE:E-Payment of Excise Duty for July 2013
SERVICE TAX:E-Payment of Service Tax for July 2013 by Corporates
NOTE: E-Payment manadatory if ST/ED Paid>=10 Lakhs in FY 2012-13
7 INCOME TAX: Deposit of TDS/TCS collected during July 2013 281
10 EXCISE:Monthly returns for Production and removal of Goods and
Cenvat Credit for July 2013
ER 1
EXCISE:Monthly returns of Excisable Goods Manufactured & Receipt
of Inputs & Capital Goods by Units in EOU, STP, HTP for July 2013
ER 2
EXCISE: Monthly returns of Informations relating to Principal Inputs
for July 2013 by manufacturer of Specified Goods who paid Duty of Rs. 1 Crore or more during Financial Year 2012-2013 By Pla/Cenvat/Both
ER 6
16 EPF:Payment of EPF contribution for July 2013
EPF:Consolidated Statements of Dues and Remittances under EPF and EDLI for July 2013 12A
EPF:Monthly returns of Employees who Joined/Left the Organisation
in July 2013
20 CST/VAT:Monthly returns and Payment of CST and VAT collected
during July 2013
21 ESI:  Deposit of ESI contributions and collections for July 2013
31 INCOME TAX: Annual Information Return
Note: Special Due Date relate to AY 2013-14 (covered under specific order / Notification)
5 INCOME TAX: Last date for return of income for the PY 2012-13 for Non Corporate Assessees Whose accounts are not Subject to audit under the Income Tax Act.  (F.No. 225/117/2013/ITA.II, Dt. 31/07/2013) ITR 1/2/3/4/5/7
31 SERVICE TAX: Half yearly Return for the period ending 31st March 2013 (Order No. 03/2013 – Service Tax, Dt. 23/04/2013 ST-3